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Melco is without doubt the finest Audiophile Digital Music source supporting
every Hi-Res music standard.

Melco Master Dealers will be able to guide you through the steps of implementing or upgrading a digital music system.

The team at ADMM have great insight, and with the factory connections can also be relied upon to offer expert guidance including a wide range of technical - and not so technical - support documents covering pretty much every aspect of Digital Music whether Hi-Fi, extreme Audiophile, or multiroom.
Contact us at;

Audiophile Digital Music Masters Ltd
Sandy Farm Business Centre, Sands Road, Farnham, Surrey, GU10 1PX
eMail:   |    Tel: 01252 784525

Making sure that your system continues to delight and keep pace with
advancing technologies is a Melco commitment, so our dealers and the ADMM team always welcome your comments or requests, even long after you become
a proud Melco user.

Melco has a great community of music lovers, and one way that we like to stay in touch is with our occasional newsletter featuring readers systems, technical tips, hardware and software updates and news on digital music in general.


Please follow the links to the global Melco Support pages where you can find information regarding your purchase:-

- Compatibility
- Downloads
- Instruction Videos


Audiophile Digital Music Masters Ltd,
Sandy Farm Business Centre,
Sands Road, Farnham,
Surrey, GU10 1PX 



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